keaton arnold baxter • july 27th 1985 (30) • born and raised in glendale, georgia • tattoo artist by day, pain in the ass generally always • oliver baxter (father), lucy baxter (mother) • somehow a homeowner • single




  • never had many friends growing up. his best friend was actually the maid's son. because of this, he was always on the reserved side and the two of them were thick as thieves. this remained unchanged up until keaton ended up meeting greta in high school and grew close to her.

  • his favorite color is yellow, but his parents still think it's green. given the fact that yellow goes into green and the fact that they even know he likes a color to begin with, he considers this an overall win for the team.

  • absolutely hates sushi, buffets and any sort of seafood. except shrimp - shrimp is dope.

  • despite parents' money & many trips, has never actually travelled anywhere (trips to florida not withstanding). he was typically left home with his nanny & the help. though there is a great deal of wanderlust bubbling under his skin because of this his commitment to the shop comes first.

  • his ex-wife is the only person he is currently acquainted with who knew him when he lived under his family's household. as such, she's the only one well-aware of the affluence he comes from. he's kept this fact well-hidden to ensure that anything he manages to accomplish is on his own terms. he also absolutely hates the idea of the life his parents have lived thus far and would do anything to avoid it himself.

  • will sing karaoke anytime, anywhere. this is awful for those with a weak secondhand embarrassment nerve and awesome for people who love free appetizers in bars and restaurants to singers. he doesn't even have to be drunk.

  • loves all pop culture - including but not limited to comics, video games, cartoons & sci-fi. his favorite superhero is red hood.

~tba • unnamed. his best friend from childhood. they had a falling out following his marriage and haven't quite seen each other since.

~tba • unnamed. co-owns the tattoo parlor he works at. mentored him into his full-time artistry there.

~bobbywinters • bobby. husband to his patron dylan. keat's trying to get them to adopt him.

~cirdec • sal. friend of greta's. they still get along in spite of keaton's best attempts to tattoo his ass.

~demeo • kalan. co-owns the tattoo parlor he works at. apple of his eye.

~dylanwinters • dylan. for some reason allows keaton to tattoo shit on him.

~kellem • matthew. other half of his brain. the tyler to his durden. they live together.

~larmstrong • linds. friend of greta's. she's honest as he is and he can appreciate that.

~madfish • madeline. patron of the shop, possibly the prettiest.

~olinda • oli. they have a similar outlook on life, even if hers is from exactly one inch above his.

~reta • greta. his ex ball-and-chain. he hates her unless you hate her, because that's his job alone, thanks.

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